When it comes to tree service around Moreno Valley, no one does a better job than the experts at Donovan’s Lawn & Tree Service. Here at Donovan’s Lawn & Tree Service, we can help with a variety of services to help your landscape look beautiful and well-maintained. We offer low rates for our services and the friendliest service around. With Donovan’s Lawn & Tree Service, you will get top-notch service from professionals who are dedicated to your satisfaction.

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Donovan’s Lawn & Tree Service is one of the leading lawn care specialists in the Moreno Valley, CA, Redlands, Perris, Riverside and nearby areas. Our team takes great pride in providing our clients with superior services for the care and maintenance of lawns, trees, and landscaping. If you having been searching for ‘tree service near me’, then you have found just the right company to handle all your lawn and tree care needs! With our experience and expertise in lawn care and tree services, such as trimming, pruning, and thinning as well as tree removal, your landscape will be in just the right hands!  

Here at Donovan’s Lawn & Tree Service, we take care of our customers! If you find yourself in need of a company that will offer you tree service, then we are just what you are looking for. Our team of dedicated professionals provides our clients with many lawn and tree care services and solutions for the unique needs of your land. We offer tree prune services that might be needed when a tree is too close to your home or electrical wires. One of the most important reasons to prune a tree beside maintaining the health of a tree is to prevent weather-related damage as well as stopping animals from gaining access to your home’s roof or attic. 

If you have been searching for ‘tree service near me’, then look no further than the experts at Donovan’s Lawn & Tree Service! Our team has the training needed to provide you with the safe removal of trees on your property. If you are located in the Moreno Valley, CA area and hope to improve the look of your property, then you are in luck. With our tree service and lawn care experience, our team will have your lawn in tip-top shape and look great in no time at all! Contact Donovan’s Lawn & Tree Service soon to learn more about our services.




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